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Well-cut hair is a great thing. It is about taking into account the hair structure, hair growth direction (swirls) and head shape to best achieve the desired result.

Hair colour

Hair colour is a wonderful way to transform yourself and try out a new look, but also to make unwanted white hair invisible. The right hair colour can make your facial skin glow and your eyes sparkle.
  • Tinting, soft colouring; is a product that only remains in the hair temporarily and
    is good for the first change when you want to try something out.
  • Oxidative hair colour; penetrates the hair and changes the hair colour from within the hair. Ideal for covering white hair or creating a permanent colour in the hair. Permanent in the sense that the colour grows out as the hair grows.
  • Bleach; with hair bleaching, the natural pigments are removed from the hair.

Updos, festive hairstyles & stylings

For a wedding as a bride or guest, but also for other occasions, people like to make themselves beautiful. This can be a braid or an updo or a cool blow-dry like in Hollywood. We want you to feel great.

Blow dry and style

Some prefer a natural style and for others it can be a little more special, extravagant and different from doing it yourself at home. We respect every wish and want our customers to leave our doors happy. Just as you feel comfortable.

Balayage, Méches or Highlights

These techniques are great for giving the hair a beautiful vibrancy. With balayage, the roots remain darker and the colour play becomes lighter towards the tips. The brightness level, i.e. the colour nuances, are variable and can be adjusted according to taste and desire. The same applies to the classic strands. However, in contrast to a balayage, these are applied directly to the hairline.

We are happy to discuss all colour changes with you and see what is possible.


Make-up can optimise the natural features of the face and highlight the eyes and mouth. It can be subtle or extravagant. For weddings, it is a good idea to have everything done at the same place.


The little ones are also very welcome at Häärli Schön.


In our salon we mainly work with products from Goldwell and Cotril.

Gift vouchers

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We speak Swiss German, German, English and Spanish.

Again and again people experience how satisfying it is to be creative with their hands: to create something and to be able to look at it with their eyes - beautiful, special, natural or deviating from the natural.

We have been practising our profession with joy and inspiration for many years and enjoy taking on new challenges.

We speak Swiss German, German, English and Spanish.

Prices 2024 Hairstyle Zurich Ladies / Gents
(in SFr.) + VAT


Wash + blow dry 45.- to 65.-

Wash + cut + blow-dry 88.- to 103.-

Cut and Go 68.-

Color Approach 80.- to 95.-

Bleaching 85.- to 95.-

Tint, soft coloring 70.- to 85.-

Highlights (beaches), half 100.- to 140.-

Highlights (beaches), full 140.- to 170.-

Balaiage 110.- to 150.-

Mask, care 8.-

Stretch, perm (permanent wave) 100.- to 130.-

Keratin treatment 250.- to 350.-


Wash + cut 66.-

Color 50.-


2-6 years 30.-
6-16 years 45.-

Learners and students receive 10% off the men's or ladies' price, excluding Cut&Go.

Make-up and updos

Make-up 45.- to 70.-

Eyebrow tinting 15.-

Eyebrow tinting and plucking 22.-

Eyebrow tinting 20.-

Eyebrow tinting: depending on hairstyle and effort, ask for price.

Wedding package: hairstyle, make-up and rehearsal 300.- to 350.-

Cancellation of appointment or no show

Please notify in case you are prevented from attending, so that the appointment can be
assigned. Your appointment can be canceled free of charge up to 24
hours in advance. Thank you for your understanding